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1 Dinar Khalifah
1 Dinar Khalifah adalah dinar tempaan tempatan dimana di adaptasi dari zaman kegemilangan Khalifah U..
1 Dinar Nabawi
The Nabawi Silver Dirham and Gold Dinar: Embracing the Hidayah of AllahIt is rather unfortunate that..
1/2 Dinar Public Gold
In 1967, Nadir Tütüncü established his workshop within an area of 150 m2 to recycle jeweler dross. B..
5 Gram PAMP Veriscan
Cult (Lady Fortuna) Fortuna's Roman cult was variously attributed to Servius Tullius – whose except..
1000 Dinar Bimetal Coin
“… And for those who fear Allah (Taqwa or high God-consciousness), He [ever] prepares..
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